Monday, March 30, 2009

Bang! @ One Night Stand, Plaza fX Sudirman, March 28th-29th 2009

Bang! Company finally gets the chance to create stand at One Night Stand, Plaza fX Sudirman, Jakarta in March 28th-29th 2009. Plaza fX is a new lifestyle center mall in Jakarta who has a special difference than other malls in Jakarta, which has a special feature called "Atmosfear" which is a special adrenaline rush slide from 7th floor, straight to ground floor.

In this event, Bang! Company was also participating in midnight sale, which applies special discounts to various Bang! products.

Bang! members depart from Bandung, straight to fX Sudirman

Several members of Bang! Company @ the stand

Vidya, a member of Bang! Company, serves the customers with delight

Emyr, a member of Bang! Company, gives the customized Bee Mug to the customer

Our members @ the stands

We got pretty positive responds from people who attend our stand by serving pretty innovative and unique products to them, and even the committee of the event itself pretty much appreciate our existence. We want to thanks Plaza fX who gave us opportunity to create stand there and all the people who supported us in running the stand by purchasing our products. By purchasing our products you have participate in our project developing a remote village in Bandung!

See you on the next Bang! stands!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Adwin & Luqman's, Bee Carpet testimonial

Tri Handoyo, a Bang! Company's member, got an order from his cousins Adwin and Luqman to create a special made soccer field Bee Carpet with added their favorite soccer teams: Chelsea and Liverpool with the latest team players. Their father decided to make the Bee Carpet as a gift for both of his sons after attend the Bang! Company's stand @ Al-Azhar Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta.

Here are the pictures:

Adwin and Luqman with his special made Bee Carpet.

View in portrait.

View in landscape.

At the time the carpet arrives, it leads to the winning of Liverpool against Manchester United 4-1 in Old Trafford.

Luqman's favorite team, finally wins the big match! :)

Looks like the carpet is being made as a give for the Liverpool wining!

Order it now!
Catalog download here.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bang! @ Dies Emas ITB

Finally, today is the last day Bang! Company create a stand in Dies Emas ITB. Here, Bang! Company create great discount for the products. There are various attendances who came to our stand from high school students, university students, until lecturer and parents. We were very excited in serving the customers, and we are non-stop from 8 to 5.

Julian, The CEO, offer the product right to the customers

Members with the customers

See you there!

Bang! @ Manchester United Cafe, PVJ

On March 3rd 2009, Bang! Company is visiting Manchester United Cafe at PVJ Bandung to promote our product. We had an informal presentation to chief of the cafe to offer our product to be the merchandise or the accessory for the restaurant. Apparently, we got the information that all the properties in the restaurant are licensed by Manchester United, so we couldn't pass our product to the cafe. It's OK, at least we've tried our best! :)

Members of Bang! Company

With the chief of Manchester United Cafe, PVJ

Monday, March 2, 2009

Bang! @ Open House ITB

We joined the SBM-ITB community stand to promote our products to the people who attend Open House ITB, February 28th 2009, in Aula Timur, ITB. The open house is mostly attended by nearly-graduate high school students who targeted ITB for their chosen institution. Bang! was also joining the President of SBM-ITB Community, Dito, and Vice President of SBM-ITB Community to help promote SBM-ITB in general to the attendances.

See you at Dies Emas ITB from 2-7 March 2009!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

'caravan' sale at SMA 3 & 5 Bandung!

Pagi ini, Bang! company's School target team mengunjungi SMA 3 & SMA 5 Bandung. Di sini, Bang! co. menggunakan konsep car sale, yaitu menjajakan barang-barangnya di mobil. Siswa dan siswi SMA 3 & 5 Bandung sangat tertarik dengan kehadiran Bang! company di sana...
berikut foto persiapan Bang! company di sana..

SBM-ITB Dean visited our Stand..

Di tengah kesibukannya, Dekan SBM-ITB, Prof. Ir. Surna Tjahja Djajadiningrat, M. Sc., PhD, menyempatkan diri untuk mengunjungi stand Bang! company hari ini...
Beliau menyatakan kekagumannya dan memberikan semangat kepada mahasiswanya.. selain itu beliau juga membeli salah satu produk kami yaitu BeeWallart..

Terimakasih pak! :)